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Insulations and Claddings

  • Training
  • Project management
  • Supervision of work
  • Manufacturing of special claddings
  • Bids for contracts
  • Construction sheet metals


About the company:

KML Consulting Oy is a consulting company founded in 2012. A former plater got tired of projects, since there were no new workers coming to the business, he thought that a change was needed.

We started supervising and assisting different projects all over Scandinavia. Later we also started to co-operate with CED Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and the first insulation plater training started in 2014.

We have helped a number of Finnish companies in the industrial insulation and cladding contracting and the feedback has been good.

We provide project management, supervision of work and advice in bidding for contracts.

You can also order special insulation cladding parts from us.


Project management

Do you need help in the project management? Supervisor of work who is guaranteed to do the job for you. Contact us, so we can do it together.




Do you need more knowledge on insulations and claddings or new workers?

Contact us, so we can plan a suitable package for you.


leaves-374246_640Bids for contracts

Years of experience from the business and courage to grasp a pen and a calculator guarantees a good result. Many successful projects done. If you need help, please contact us.


peltipalloManufacturing of special insulation claddings

If you need any kind of special insulation claddings, please contact us and we can help you.


Chief Trainer

Jori Lassila

phone  +358 400696862

-Project inquiries
-Course queries
-Bids for contracts

Jori Lassila


Project manager:

Stein Tuominen

phone +35840 910 9753

-Bids for contracts


-Project inquiries



Trainer / PlaterTrainer

Mikael Larsson

phone +35845 6033324
-Special claddings



Plater Trainer

Markku Stjerna

phone  +35840 8484924

-Construction sheet metal work
-Air-conditioning work
-Bids for contracts



Supervisor of work Industrial insulation & Bids for Contracts:

Jukka-Pekka Kumpula

phone  +358 407643675



Tero Virolainen

phone  +358404557771




Contact information:

Hakunintie 11, 26100 Rauma

Ma-Pe 8-16

Jori Lassila

phone  +358 400696862



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